Providing care for the sickest in community.

Woodrising general practice provides services in family health, medical acupuncture, skin treatment, maternity care, vaccinations, men’s and women’s health, management of chronic diseases and many other services.

Consultation Fees for all the patients except Pensioners

ConsultPrivateRebateOut of Pocket Cost
Short$ 54.00$18.200$ 35.80
Regular$ 75.00$ 39.75$ 35.25
Long$ 110.00$ 76.95$ 33.05
Extra Long$ 144.00$ 113.30$ 30.70

Consultation Fees for Pensioners

ConsultPrivateRebateOut of Pocket Cost
Short$ 34.00$ 18.20$ 15.80
Regular$ 55.00$ 39.75$ 15.25
Long$ 90.00$ 76.95$ 13.05
Extra Long$ 129.00$ 113.30$ 15.70

Other Procedure Fee.

ConsultPrivateRebateOut of Pocket Cost
Implanon Insertion$ 100.00$ 32.02$ 67.95
Implanon Removal$ 100.00$ 54.60$ 45.40
Mirena Insertion$ 180.00$ 72.05$ 107.95
Mirena Removal$ 120.00$ 39.75$ 80.25
Iron Injection$ 180.00$ 76.95$ 103.05
Procedure Fee$ 30.00  
Ear Syringing$ 75.00 Level B consult for private patients only
Ear Syringing$ 30.00 Procedure Fee for Pensioners only

Children under the age of 16 and DVA card holders who are bulk billed .

The pensioner will be charged the discount consultation fee.

Making payments:

Payment is required on the day of the consultation and can be made by cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card (excluding Diners and AMEX cards). All workers compensation patients are required to pay their accounts at the time of consultation until a letter of liability is produced from their insurance company.